The Sheriff was created by Ionias Phyion, and first appeared in the game Ron 2 and 1/2: Fowl Play.

Important events Edit

Marilyn Morrison, a typical small-town sheriff, seems to be serious about his job. The Chicken shot off the sheriff's left leg. (Fowl Play) Now the Sheriff uses a prosthetic leg.

The Sheriff does have a certain weakness for donuts. (The Postman Only Dies Once)

Character notes Edit

Notable relationships Edit

First Appearance Edit

  • Ron 2 and 1/2: Fowl Play

Playable in Edit

  • Ron 2 and 1/2: Fowl Play

Features in Edit

  • Ron 2 and 1/2: Fowl Play
  • The Postman Only Dies Once
  • Dead Man's Political Party
  • III Spy
  • The Crazed Chicken
  • Au Naturel
  • The Murder of Adrian Elkwood

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