Omni Kitten was created by Creed Malay, and first appeared in the game Kittens and Cacti.

Important events Edit

The Baron and his brother, back in Victorian Times, carried out experiments condensing kittens into small spaces. One day they condensed 20-odd tabby kittens into a four-inch square space. When the smoke cleared, the omni-kitten was there - an "actual, physical representation of every kitten ever," in it's own words.

The omni-kitten was last seen guarding a time rift. (Kittens and Cacti)

Character notes Edit

Notable relationships Edit

First Appearance Edit

  • Kittens and Cacti

Playable in Edit

Features in Edit

  • Kittens and Cacti
  • Apocalypse Meow (Chapter One)
  • The Day Nothing Happened

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