Josh Beachcomber was created by Dave Gilbert, and first appeared in the game Purity of the Surf.

Important events Edit

If there is any word to describe Josh, it is "laid back." Nothing bothers him - at least, not for very long. This is probably because most of his brain cells have been fried by the harsh suns of beaches worldwide. (Josh thinks wearing sunblock is for wusses). He is the ultimate beach bum. His thoughts rarely extend beyond the next wave.

Josh comes off as being tactless and rude, but he doesn't mean to be. He just never considers the consequences of anything he does. His life's ambition is to comb the beach and surf the waves for as long as he can - when he's not hitting on the beach babes, of course.

Josh currently lives on Reality Beach. He bought a tiny, broken-down shack from the "Cloudy Days Real Estate Agency" for a bit of licorice and some fluff-covered junior mints.

When people suggest that he shape up and get a real job, Josh has a panic attack, breaks out into a horrible rash, then needs to go lie down for awhile in order to calm down.

Josh is a health nut - often to the point of religious fervor. He has no qualms about about preaching to others the value of a balanced diet.

And any similarities between Josh Beachcomber and a certain Long Island high school biology teacher are completely coincidental. Really.

Character notes Edit

Notable relationships Edit

First Appearance Edit

  • Purity of the Surf

Playable in Edit

  • Purity of the Surf

Features in Edit

  • Purity of the Surf

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