Jhon Steel was created by Peter Tomov, and first appeared in the game Paranormal Investigation.

Important events Edit

Jhon Steel is a PI: Paranormal Investigator. He arrived in RON one day on the bus, come to look for paranomal horror. He's surprised at the talking chicken, exposes the Zombie (but finds out that in RON, the Zombie is accepted as normal), has a little voodoo fun with the Yahtzeebrand Clerk Phil, but then finds Davy's grave - Davy, who rose the Zombie from the dead - and his perspective changes, and he decides it's time to leave RON. As Jhon is reflecting at Davy's memorial in the graveyard, Mika offers him a job at the Realiser, convincing him to stay by offering him good pay, a free room at the hotel, and a car. (Paranormal Investigation).

Jhon is looking for his sister, who he believes was kidnapped by aliens or something equally sinister. Chef Lucca tricked Jhon into believing that an inflatable blow-up doll was his sister. We have yet to find out if this ruse was discovered. (The Chef)

Jhon speaks sparingly. Usually in sentances of one or two syllables.

Character notes Edit

Notable relationships Edit

First Appearance Edit

  • Paranormal Investigation

Playable in Edit

Features in Edit

  • Paranormal Investigation
  • The Chef
  • Purity of the Surf
  • The Day Nothing Happened

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