Elaine Chapel was created by Ed Day, and first appeared in the game Vengeance of the Chicken.

Important events Edit

Elaine Chapel is a nun of the religion Dayism. She's fluent in many languages, so that she can spread her religion. Her religion offers sanctity and a sense of happiness at times. To convince the Chicken to join her religion, she also offered him a sacrificial knife of limited supply. There are obviously some secrets about the nun though. When the Chicken tries to go into the back room of the church, Elaine won't let him, though a voice is heard: "Help, please help. I'm dying." (Vengeance of the Chicken)

Character notes Edit

Notable relationships Edit

First Appearance Edit

  • Vengeance of the Chicken

Playable in Edit

Features in Edit

  • Vengeance of the Chicken
  • Witch!
  • The Day Nothing Happened
  • Night and Day

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